Hi, I'm Jill and I'm a Group Creative Director who is currently residing in Los Angeles. I've had over ten years of experience working for both small and large agencies all over the country and I've also worked directly for clients. I've touched a range of categories from cars to beauty to alcohol to fashion to tech and even healthcare. 

I enjoy making work in all mediums - digital, traditional, experiential, or social. But mostly, I care about making smart work that makes sense for the brand, helps tell a story, and gives people something they'd want to engage with. 

My work has been featured in FastCo, PSFK, Wired, Rolling Stone, BBC News, Engadget, The Verge, Complex, Creativity, Business Insider, Spin, Google Sandbox, DailyMail, FWA, Communication Arts and Yahoo. I've been interviewed by FWA , had the honor of winning a few awards for my projects, was the youngest woman on the panel of Facebook's Women in Auto and also got the pleasure of sitting on the jury for Communication Art's 2017 Advertising annual.