Acura: Mood Roads

Acura: Mood Roads


Acura's mantra is Precision Crafted Performance. This year at Sundance, they asked us to bring that ideology to life. 

We did so by creating Mood Roads, an immersive personalized experience that allows you to drive using only your mind. Mood Roads merged technologies for a first-of-its-kind, virtual driving experience. Combining brainwave sensors, a motion simulator and facial recognition technology, users generated what they could see and feel in a unique, personal experience. With 30 sensors, measuring 24 different biometric data points, the journey was created by each person's emotional, cognitive and physical inputs. Those inputs influenced the colors, time of day, landscape and music. No two experiences were ever the same. We officially launched at Sundance, giving guests an opportunity to step away from an event known for its passive viewing experiences into something they had full control over.

This project was featured as FWA Installation of the day and shortlisted at One Show and AICP. 


The Journey: Art Direction 

We worked with GMUNK to create a foundational world that guests could affect through their biometric read, ensuring that no two rides were the same. Colors, speed, environmental cues as well as the music track adjusted according to the rider's state of mind. If someone were nervous, their journey is adjusted to make them comfortable. If someone were excited, their journey would be adjusted to keep them on that high. 


People Were Into It: 

There were 2.29m Twitter impressions and 3,340 miles of roads travelled during that week, which in non-ad speak means - Mood Roads was engaging for guests and they were into it. Back to ad speak: It was a successful metaphor rooted in a 30 year-old mantra: Precision Crafted Performance.