The Force Unleashed 2

The Force Unleashed 2: Digital Teaser

Role: Art Director

I was given the opportunity to come up with a teaser for Lucas Art's sequel, The Force Unleashed 2. This game centered around the main character, StarKiller, who is angrier, more powerful and naturally in the mood for seeking revenge against any character in the previous game who royally screwed him. 

The original idea was to create a site that allowed people to unleash new "force powers" on anything they detested, using the same powers Starkiller had in the game. Users could search for anything they hated and our search engine (which scoured the internet for tags), would serve up images which would then be theirs to destroy. This meant, Justin Bieber, dogs in sweaters- anything one could find on the internet that they had an aversion to was fair game. 


Legal freaked out, so an idea with the same concept, but now limited to characters in the game was made instead. Players could also recruit their friends to help destroy their enemies, turning it into a multi-player social media game.