Hoihoi Bakery

Hoihoi: A Hawaiian Bakery

ROLE: Brand & Strategy Consultant

I’ve never had the opportunity to work on a bakery before and being a carb lover, when this opportunity presented itself to me, I had to say yes, please. Budgets were small, the bakery was family-owned and while they have a presence in Maui for their other restaurant, this was their first foray into the baking world.

Leaning into the meaning of the word “Hoihoi” (to please and welcome back), we wanted to create a place that had clean lines, was inviting and playful, but sophisticated in taste (literally). We introduced flavors that are unique to Hawaii and also created pastry that are heavily influenced by Asia, nodding to the history of Hawaii.

One of the founders had a dream about a penguin when he was starting off the bakery and we ran with it for the identity. We kept everything simple, hand-drawn, and a little rough around the edges so it had that homegrown look. We also focused on community. Making a bright happy place that invited both locals and tourists in to break bread, relax, and hang out.

Watch This Space as it gets built.

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Magic Tree
estimated opening: 2019!

estimated opening: 2019!