Lincoln Motor Co: Hello Again

Lincoln Motor Co. Says Hello, Again.


Lincoln is a 90-year-old car company that became associated with town cars and geriatrics. We had to restore its place in culture in a big and unexpected way. Instead of just telling people we were different, we needed to behave differently. To do that, we created digital platform and experiential campaign called “Hello, Again.” It challenged people to look at the old and familiar with new eyes, just like we were asking people to do with Lincoln. 



We created a website filled with content that supports the "Hello, Again" philosophy of taking something from the past and reimagining it into something new. It serves to inspire and inform others, but even more importantly, it offers a unique point of view and original branded content that supports our campaign.



Every piece of content allowed us to collaborate with people who were doing something different in their industry. For example, something as simple as a manifesto poster became a really beautiful piece of typography-focused artwork because we teamed up with Erik Marinovich from Friends of Type, who thought words could be art.

Hello, Again Origin Story 

We looked back to our own history, rich with innovation, and saw a future ripe with opportunity – the opportunity to take what we’ve learned and go somewhere completely new. This wasn’t the first time we’d reinvented ourselves, our motorcars and our entire company.

Hello, Again became a personal challenge to ourselves to do things a car company normally wouldn't.