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Lincoln Super Bowl: Steer The Script

Lincoln Motor Co: Steer The Script


Our clients tasked us with creating the most "social Super Bowl spot" ever. We decided to create a platform that gave the public the ability to share their most memorable road trip stories through a social media platform we called, "Steer The Script" and partner with us in writing a Super Bowl commercial. 

We teamed up with Jimmy Fallon and asked his followers on twitter to send us their most memorable road trip stories and hashtag these stories with #SteerTheScript. After combing through over 6,000 tweets, we crafted the most unexpected (and television friendly) script that tied different tweets into one story. Leading up to Super Bowl we leaked behind the scenes footage, storyboards, casting specs of the selected tweets on On our last shoot day, we flew select tweeters to become a part of the commercial and see how we brought their stories to life. On game day, we played a :30 second teaser that drove people back to the web, where this project first started, to watch the final :90 second commercial they helped us write.

Not one of my proudest moments. But also one of those moments that taught me that when I become a CD, I wouldn't let clients nor randoms on social media "steer the script". Let this be a lesson for us all. And also, Super Bowl is not everything.


Our website constantly updated with content as the campaign progressed. We leaked storyboards, behind the scenes photos, celebrity cameos and props as a way to tease the tweets we selected and to keep people coming back to the site.