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Lincoln Motor Co: Up

Lincoln Motor Co: Up


To promote the panoramic sunroof in the 2013 MKZ, we decided to step away from traditional beauty shots of the car, and instead, sell the benefits of what owning a panoramic roof would bring. These were full spread print ads that appeared in the NYT. These were one of the first ads that came out for the Lincoln MKZ and they didn't feature the product. 


Copy: *Included: Cumulus clouds, towering skyscrapers, grimacing gargoyles, peregrine falcons, dragon kites and sky-written proposals of marriage. Courtesy of the inspired panoramic glass roof of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ. An entirely new perspective on driving.

We also hosted an event in the Meatpacking District with moving images projected upwards on a tent and aerobic dancers during New York Autoshow 2012 to promote the idea of "Up".