Old Navy: Don't Hide Your Shine

Old Navy: Don't Hide Your Shine


When I was just a wee-little tadpole, my partner and I were tasked by Old Navy to write a song that would persuade women to wear more dresses during the day, because I guess they don't? (Hit me up for a side convo). Naturally, we went down an R. Kelly inspired route. Just as naturally, the client made us go from rap-singing to a pop song. Either way, this is my partner and I's introduction into being serious song writers (Hi, Miley Cyrus! Sorry Not Sorry, America!). Personally dancing spots make me die a little inside because I like the song, because I helped write the song. 




People could actually download this Old Navy commercial song. And they did. And they gave it 5 orange stars. I mean...


Legit 2.0

I clicked on these users to make sure it wasn't someone from CP+B messing with us, trying to get more "impressions", and they were real people, who really liked the song. I feel sad and happy at the same time because I a complicated multi-dimensional human.