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Oscar Health Insurance

Oscar Health Insurance


At the time, Oscar was a two-year-old health insurance company based in New York and only available to New Yorkers and New Jersians. Oscar is simple, smart, intuitive; the type of health insurance company that doesn't make you hate health insurance companies. Because Oscar is a different type of health insurance company, we needed to act, speak, and look different as well. We re-introduced ourselves to New York through New York's main arteries- using the subway system, from Queens to Brooklyn. We cut out health insurance lingo and spoke to people like people and even more specifically, like New Yorkers. We created characters people could relate to (some people even tagged themselves as the characters), and we made health insurance digestible and relevant. We took over every major subway station and then some, wrapped a lot of buses, and dominated taxi toppers. Basically, that year, you could not NOT see us. 

Jill Lin _Oscar Health Insurance Press

Oscar became an example in many case studies across the industry of how marketing can change the way people look at industries as unexciting as health insurance and breath some personality into it. Read article here. Or Inc article here.