Personal Work

When I was 22 and stepped into my very first ad agency (W+K Portland), I met a lot of interesting people. They weren’t interesting because they knew every Super Bowl spot AdWeek wrote about. They were interesting because they made things. This was Portland, afterall. Side hustle was mandatory. I think it’s important to get out there, create, try some stuffs, and do some things. It rounds you out and makes you more interesting, and then you create more insightful work.

I’ve had the good fortune of working on some cool projects. I did an illustration for Anna Sui’s spring T-shirt line in 2013. Then I walked to their store on Broome to make sure it actually happened, tried to be chill about it and took a photo of it in store so I could show my mom.

This past year, I was published in a book called Women’s Club: Art is Powerful, alongside other female (feminist, I might add) illustrators. I had a film museum curator from Australia ask if he could get samples of my artwork to show during a discussion about Fashion Illustration. I chitty chatted with the team at DVF during Fashion Week and have gotten shout outs from Creatures of Comfort. I’m helping a bakery launch in Maui and designed the logo, and am also helping out with the interior design. And, I co-launched a for profit dog accessories company that helps nonprofits. It’s been good. Do stuff. It keeps you young.