The Vacationists


Short story: We jumped on the blogging band-wagon and focused on good old hardcore vacationing. 

Long Story: One of the perks about being married to someone who also works in the creative industry is that you automatically become a creative unit and co-creating becomes second nature. My husband, who is also a creative director, made beautiful videos whenever we vacationed together. That led to friends asking for hotel tips, restaurants, and a list of favorite activities from our trips. It seemed dumb not to have a site where we could point everyone to since we were doing most of the work anyway. So, we decided to create a site dedicated to travel - or as we like to see it - a website dedicated to finding all the chillz.



We were given a private tour of a colonial hotel in Vietnam and an upgrade to a suite because of this site. That was the closest we got to becoming one of those annoying couples who quit their day jobs to travel around the globe just living out their best life. You can’t see me, but a singular tear just ran down my cheek as I typed this. Extra salt. Anywho. I would love to work on a travel or hotel account.