Tigerpig & Co

TigerPig & Co

I had always wanted to build a company that helped animals but was still focused on good design, so I teamed up with my husband and after a year of setting up, learning the ins and outs of fashion, textile production and prototyping, we launched TigerPig and Co.

TigerPig and Co is an animal accessories company that gives back to animals in need. We named it after our four-legged son, Harvey the TigerPig. We donate a portion of the proceeds from every product sold to a nonprofit animal shelter or organization. To spread the love, we select a different organization each month. Most products are handmade in Los Angeles and cut and tailored for dogs, or we do collaborations with companies who have the same values as we do. We raised over $100 our first month and we’re talking to different organizations, highlighting their stories, and seeing how else we can help highlight all of the wonderful people who are out there fighting the good fight.


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2018 LookBook -

Like most clients, we don't have a budget (tear), so we styled, shot, and produced everything ourselves.

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Handwoven Dog Beds Collaboration

The great thing about owning your own company is you can pick exactly who you want to collaborate with. While staying local (shout out to my Los Angelenos!) was important to us, we also wanted to team up with companies with an ethical backbone who were making cool things. Enter: Dog Bed Collab. Each bed is handwoven by an artisan from the Fra Fra tribe in Ghana. They get paid a salary for their craft as well as a commission for every bed sold, and they screen who they collaborate with. And that’s something we really appreciate. We prototyped and made the cushions here in Los Angeles.


We use social to highlight our textiles, create a fun and inviting design-centric world, but also to tell stories about each of the dogs who have supported us. Any time we can highlight the shelter they came from or dispel an unfortunate myth (such that all pitbulls are aggressive), we do. At the end of the day, Tigerpig & Co was born out of our love for animals and our desire to simply be a good friend to them. We shoot, strategize, design, and write everything ourselves.